Music Request

The re-release of 99 Bottles Documentary has hit a wall. To finish the beer documentary a brand new soundtrack is needed. We are in search of beer drinking songs to use for the edit. Read below for the songs we like. If you have music that fits the themes we would love to hear about them. We can only accept songs without swear words. Please message us through our contact page for questions and provide links to your music.

Cheers from the independent producers of 99 Bottles Documentary.

Song List (The songs were found on YouTube for reference.)

#1 The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem – Mountain Dew

#2 Paddy Rafferty & Michael Rafferty Galway – Irish Lilting

#3 The Dubliners – A Pub With No Beer

#4 The Irish Rovers – Finnegans Wake

#5 Brobdingnagian Bards – Johnny at the Door

#6 The Dubliners – Drink it Up Men

#7 Clancy brothers and Tommy Makem – Whiskey, You’re The devil

#8 Hank Williams Jr – Tear In My Beer

#9 The Dubliners – Whiskey In The Jar

#10 The Dubliners – All For Me Grog

#11 Clancy brothers and Tommy Makem – Jug Of Punch

#12 Clancy Brothers – Beer, Beer, Beer

#13 Pat McCurdy – Sex And Beer

#14 Tom T Hall – I Like Beer